RAW POWER “Mine to kill – extended” CD + “The albums 1982-1989” 4xCD boxset: OUT NOW!!

RAW POWER “Mine to kill – extended” CD + “The albums 1982-1989” 4xCD boxset: OUT NOW!!

– RAW POWER “Mine to kill” (extended version) digipack CD


4th and final installment of the series that sees FOAD Records re-issuing all RAW POWER‘s albums of the ’80s in their definitive, top-quality version making justice to these ageless classic… After “You are the victim” (1983), “Screams from the gutter” (1984) and “After your brain” (1986) it’s the turn of “Mine to kill” (1989), another uppercut in the jaws showing RP at the top of the game crossovering their manic riff-oriented Hardcore with the most intense and raging Thrash assault. Together with the incredible “Screams from the gutter” this is hands down the fastest and tightest delivery in the band’s discography of the first decade. As for all their previous releases on FOAD, this has been scrupulously remastered from the 1st generation master at Toxic Basement Studio, taking the original dynamics and sonic impact to the most powerful and energetic stage. And there’s more.. as special bonus you will also find a completely UNRELEASED SESSION (12 tracks!) that was the original 1st studio take of the album, made in Modena/Italy still with Helder on drums! As explained by the band: “RAW POWER began the recording of “Mine to kill” in Italy, at Umbi Studio, and when it came to an end there were discussions about the final product. The decision to re-record the album in England with a different producer saw Helder leave, the one most satisfied with the work they had just ended, and having already had a brief live experience with the other boys, Fabiano Bianco (Bloody Riot / Raff) replaced him on drums. The fourth album came out and the previous version was trashed. The bonus tracks added to this version was what would have been “Mine to kill” at the beginning, feeling like the first real attempt to change the style and understanding even more how the personalities within Raw Power differed between them, something that has always characterized the band from any other reality“. Of those 12 tracks, 4 are completely unreleased as they haven’t been re-recorded on the final version of the album, and they simply kill! Raw, aggressive and dizzyingly precise Hardcore from Italy’s most iconic band of the unforgettable “furious years”! Comes in a deluxe digipak sleeve with 11 page booklet including rare photos, flyers, lyrics and liner notes!

Price: 10 euro

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– RAW POWER “The albums 1982-1989” 4xCD ltd. Boxset

All the studio albums 1982-1989 of this legendary Italian Hardcore band collected together in a deluxe hand-numbered boxset limited to 300 copies!

4 digipack CD’s with extensive booklets filled to the brim with exclusive photos, flyers, liner notes and a lot more. Top quality audio mastering by Toxic Basement Studio from 1st generation masters provided by the band, tons of bonus features (an unreleased demo session on CD 1 and 12 unreleased tracks on CD 4). A great (and cheaper) chance to get all 4 deluxe FOAD‘s installments at once in a highly collectable edition!


CD1 :  “Your are the victim” (1983) + “God’s course” Demo (1982)

CD2 : “Screams from the gutter” (1984)

CD3 :  “After your brain – redux” (1986)

CD4 : “Mine to kill” (1989) + Unreleased recordings (1989)

Price: 28 euro

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